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Authentic Mexican Food in Thornton, Colorado

All plates served with rice and beans

Combinación Mexicana $8.25
Choose 3 Ítems Tamal – Taco – Tostada – Mini Burrito- Cheese Enchilada Add a meat for $1.00 extra

Enchilada Plate (3)
with cheese and onions $6.45
With ONE meat, cheese and onions $7.45
Mixed meats, cheese and onions $8.45
Choice of Enchilada Sauce OR Green Chile

Taco Plate (3)
With ONE meat $6.99 Mixed meats $7.99

Tamale Plate (2) $7.99
Choose from Red chili pork, green chili pork, or green chili and cheese Smother in Green Chile

Alambre $8.99
Mix meats for $1.00 extra Served with Onions, Green peppers, Bacon, Ham, Cheese, Tortillas, and choice of meat

Handmade tortilla served with beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese, Sour Cream, onions, cilantro, and choice of meat

Plate of Empanadas (3) $6.55
Handmade tortilla folded in half with ground beef inside and purple onions on top

Plate of Salbutes (3) $6.55
Handmade tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes, ground beef and purple onions
Menudo - Mexican Menu in Thonton, CO
Menudo L $8.00 S $4.50
On Saturdays and Sundays Only

Quesadilla Cheese Only $5.99
With a choice of meat $6.99

Chile Fries $5.25
Add meat for $1.00 extra

Nachos $6.99
Steak, Chicken, Beef Served with Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Jalapeños

Torta $6.99
Served with french fries Ham, Chicken, Steak
Salbutes - Mexican Menu in Thonton, CO
Fountain Drinks M$1.75 L$2.00

Horchata M$1.85 L$2.75

Mexican bottles Fanta $1.85

Coca-Cola or Sprite$2.75

Jumex $1.00

Bottled Water $1.00
Bean and Cheese Burrito $2.50

Bean and Meat Burrito $3.99

Anthony’s Burrito $3.99
Served with Rice, Chicken, and cheese

Regular Burrito $6.99
Served with Rice, Beans, Cheese, Choice of meat, and Green Chile (inside)

Smothered Burrito $7.99
Served with Rice, Beans, and choice of meat (INSIDE) Smothered in green chili, CheeseLettuce, and Tomatoes

Burrito Deluxe
Served with Rice, Beans, and choice of meat (INSIDE) Smothered in green chili, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, Guacamole, and sour cream

Chimichanga $8.99
Served with Beans, and choice of meat (INSIDE) Smothered in green chili, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes

Choice of Meat
Steak, Chicken, Ground Beef, Cochinita, Carnitas, Bacon, Ham, Chorizo,
Tacos - Mexican Menu in Thonton, CO
Huevos divorciados - Mexican Menu in Thonton, CO
Huevos Divorciados
Huarache - Mexican Menu in Thonton, CO
A La Carte
Salbutes $1.75
Handmade tortilla Served with ground beef,

Tamales Colados $2.75
Made with chicken and banana leaf

Ground Beef Empanadas $1.75
Served with purple onions

Tacos $1.75

Bean Tostadas $1.75

Cheese Enchilada $1.75

Gorditas $3.50
Choose from:
Red chili and pork
Green chili and pork
Green chili and cheese
Order tamales 24hrs in advance when ordering a dozen or more!
Kids Menu☺
Mini Quesadilla $3.99
Served with Fries

Mini Burrito $2.99
Served with Fries

Taco $3.99
Served with Beans, Rice, and choice of meat
Plates Huevos Rancheros $6.25
Served with two eggs, Potatoes, Beans, Smothered in green chili, and cheese

Huevos Divorciados $6.75
two fried tortillas, two eggs, red and green salsa, served with beans

Huevos Motuleños $5.00
Two fried tortillas, two eggs, Black beans, and tomato sauce

Chilaquiles $6.99
Served with Two eggs, Fried tortillas, potatoes, Beans choice of red or green chili, and cheese

El Campechano $7.50
two scrambled eggs with onions, jalapeño, and tomatoes Black beans and Fried banana on the side
Breakfast Burritos
Plain Breakfast burrito $2.75
Egg, Potato, Cheese, and Green chili

Bacon Breakfast burrito $2.99
Egg, Potato, Bacon, Cheese and Green chili

Sausage Breakfast burrito $2.99
Egg, Potato, Sausage, Cheese and Green chili

Chorizo Breakfast burrito $2.99
Egg, Potato, Chorizo, Cheese and Green chili

Ham Breakfast burrito $2.99
Egg, Potato, Ham, Cheese and Green chili

Chicken Breakfast burrito $3.79
Egg, Potato, Chicken, Cheese and Green chili

Chicharron Breakfast burrito $3.79
Egg, Potato, Chicharron, Cheese and Green chili

Steak Breakfast burrito $3.79
Egg, Potato, Steak, Cheese and Green chili

Ground Beef Breakfast burrito $3.79
Egg, Potato, Ground Beef, Cheese and Green chili

Mike’s Breakfast Burrito$2.75
Two fried eggs, potatoes, cheese and green chili
El Mexicano$6.50
Made with Chorizo, Onions, Jalapeños, Tomatoes, and Cheese

Denver $6.50
Made with Ham, Onions, Green Peppers, Tomatoes and Cheese

Steak or Chicken $7.50
made with Onions, Green peppers, Tomatoes, and cheese

Veggie $6.50
Made with Mushrooms, onions, Green peppers, Tomato
Chicken or Steak $7.99
Made with Two eggs, Green peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, Cheese, and green chili

Veggie $6.25
Made with Two eggs, Green peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, and Cheese
Torta - Mexican Menu in Thonton, CO